#4: Go Home Rodger!

July 4th, 2018 · 32 mins 22 secs

About this Episode

Are you a legal adult (at least 18 years old) and still living with your parents? Are you a parent of a legal adult that just can’t leave the nest? Do you have feelings about it? ...There's no doubt you do. With the major shifts in the US economy, many adults are finding themselves unable to move out of their parents home. Is it because they're bummish? Nah. For many of us the economy is just that bad. We sit and chat with ιαrεκiα Brown and discuss what it is like to live as an adult with the adults that raised you and tips to survive all the inevitable drama.
(Episode Time 32:22)

On this episode:
Is moving back home a "sign of failure" or "step up to greatness"?
Being a roommate to your parents or mooching off them
How to ensure you're the roommate and not the dependent
Benefits of living with your parents
Is the living at home "shame" exclusive to America?
Michael B Jordan's decision to buy a home to share with his parents

5 Steps to Make Living with Parents Easier

  1. Have a plan and exit strategy.
  2. Create a contract with your parents- essentially treat them like roommates.
  3. Discuss frustrations with your parents openly.
  4. Show your parents the respect they're due.
  5. Stay focused on #1 (yourself and your overall plan)

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Writer and Producer Krystal Chatman
Executive Producer: Melvin Robinson
Music: Andres Wallace
Guest: ιαrεκiα Brown