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About WTF?! IDK Podcast

As millennials- especially POC- we still subscribe heavily to what our parents, grandparents and the like have told us are the keys to success: a good education and a lifelong career. Unfortunately, the world has changed drastically and their advice has become obsolete. Of course, we didn’t figure any of this out until adulthood laughed in our faces. By following their well-intended- albeit incorrect- information, we missed the opportunity to adjust to society’s evolution and now we're sitting here as adults like WTF?!

We’re intelligent and educated, but that gets us nowhere because no one is paying reasonable salaries. We’re realistic about what is going on around us and question the abstract, but are told we don’t have enough faith or spiritual foundation. We are vocal about our convictions and even act on them, but are told we should stop whining. We are lost. We are confused. We struggle because we weren’t prepared for the societal changes that were impossible to predict- and we’re told it's our fault.

And our response is: WTF? You know what, IDK. Cue a disgruntled millennial flipping a table and walking away.

But I say lets own the IDK. Use the IDK to forge new paths that no one has yet to create. Will our parents question us? Of course. Don’t they always? Will society continue to critique us for not hitting a constantly moving target. Yup. Will this make sense to anyone other than fellow IDKers? Probably not. And that is ok. Ultimately we are responsible for our own well-being and have to ensure we’re not trapped in an unfulfilling life for the next 30 years asking WTF.

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